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Searching for the Mucky Kids

Today I went to Burley to try work out what if anything was left of the area where my dad took the Mucky Kids photos. Very little remains apart from one wall next to some stone stairs and the area is now a pretty wild hillside.

We met and interviewed a very helpful woman called Janet, who lived in the area in 1970. She gave us a lot of great background detail on the people and place where the photos were taken, 40 years ago.

Here are a few photos to show what the area looks like now in 2010. They're just snapshots, but they show what is left of the Rosebank area.


Today was very useful for establishing the history of the houses featured in the Mucky Kids photos. According to a sign that was erected on the Rosebank, the houses were privately built between 1877 and 1883. We were also told that they were cleared and demolished over a very short period from around 1969 to 1971.

We have also discovered that some of the families that lived here were offered houses in the Gipton area of Leeds, so that may be another place for us to start looking to find what happened to the kids. Currently our information suggests that some of the children in the photos may have been from local gypsy families, who lived in the area at the time, although this is not based on any definite facts. If they were gypsies, this really could turn into a difficult job to find them now.

It's an interesting project, and so I have started filming the process of finding the kids. This seems to be the best way to collect as much information that people can tell us. I'm hoping this documentary will provide a good record for a lot of the social history from the Burley area in this period.

I have found out the names of some of the local community groups and will be asking them to see if they can help us in our project. Again, we're very interested to talk to anyone who lived in this part of Leeds in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

We'd especially love to talk to anyone who lived in the Rosebank area, namely Rosebank street, Rosebank Grove, Rosebank Crescent, Rosebank Mount, Rosebank View, Rosebank Terrace, Rillbank Road, Rillbank Lane, Rillbank Avenue, Rillbank View, Rillbank Street, Rillbank Place, Rillbank Grove, Westfield Road and Belle Vue Road.


Tel: 07976 318245

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Although it is a while since you posted this I hope you will still see my reply.

I have just been looking at the photographs you posted and my goodness have they
brought back memories.

I was born at 57 Rosebank View in 1947.

One of your photographs showed the steps leading to Westfield Road.
and the derelict houses leading to them.

My Grandad Gerry Woodhead lived at 68 which is the 2nd one from the steps.
Mrs. Baker lived in the 1st one. then Mrs Naylor and her son Freddie at the other side of him, then Mrs Longbottom in the next. after the outside toilets a Ted and Eunice Thornton and the next
Mr.. and Mrs Haley.

It looks from the photograph as though my Grandad still lived there as his house does not look to be boarded up. It is heartbreaking to think he lived amongst all that. Though it does look as though Eunice's house could still be lived in.

The house with the people on the doorstep could have been my old hose there was not so many that had steps leading to the door I was going to put front door but it was the only door.

Right I am going to dry my tears

Pauline (nee Hallam)

October 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpauline

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